On the 24th October 2019, the world became infected by a zombie virus.

News spread that Kelburn was one of the only safe places left in Scotland. Unfortunately, by the time members of the public began arriving, the infected had penetrated the castle’s grounds.

Zombie Force Soldiers had become cornered and forced to remain in various safe zones across Kelburn Estate. They had run out of ammo and had lost their fellow comrades to the virus. The soldiers were relying on the uninfected public to search the woodland for the cure.

Directed by The Colonel, the brave* new recruits ventured into the dark forest, risking their lives (and nerves) to find a cure and a way out of the nightmare.


*some braver than others…


The teams came across various military personnel throughout the trail. They had advice to give and horror stories to tell.


The groups were victim to numerous zombie attacks. Tortured souls trapped in rotting bodies threw themselves at the living, desperate to feast.


Continuing through the forest, clues about something even more sinister started to become clear. Plans for super soldiers suggested the zombies were a result of experiments gone wrong.


The troops came across the medical centre where The Doctor was working on a cure. That small vial was the last hope for humanity.


The teams fought through the zombies to reach Sergeant Anderson. He took the cure from the surviving recruits. Amazed by their bravery, the traumatised soldier sent them to be debriefed and escorted from the grounds.


BUT, there was no way out. Not for the recruits. They had fallen into a web of conspiracy and knew too much. There was only one ending for them now…

**No recruits, soldiers or zombies were harmed in the execution of QUARANTINE**

Thanks to everyone who helped us save the day!

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