Cafe & Gift Shop

Cafe – open daily 10am to 5pm!

The Cafe currently offers limited indoor and outdoor seating. ‘The Dome’ provides shelter on a rainy day and shade on a hot summer afternoon.
The cafe can provide a sweet treat, a morning roll, a quick snack or a filling meal.  There is a wide selection of drinks and a good cup of coffee to help you through your active day.
When the sun is shining, or even when it’s not, the cafe has ice creams, ice lollies and slushies to refresh you. Top up your picnic with drinks or little treats and you will find picnic benches nearby.
There are picnic tables dotted about the estate, plus grassy areas perfect for a picnic blanket, however, feel free to picnic where ever you can find the perfect spot!
Kelburn Court Yard

Gift Shop – open daily!

11am to 4pm Monday to Friday

11am to 5pm Saturday & Sunday

Located in the central courtyard is the Kelburn gift shop. Prior to hosting gifts, handmade local crafts, pocket money toys and souvenirs of your day, the building was the old Laundry and wash house. This served the Castle and estate homes until the turn of 20th Century and with changing lifestyles found its new use in 1977 when the Country Centre opened.


Why not visit the Gift Shop and check out the Kelburn selection – postcards, mugs, water bottles, pens, pencils, wristbands and more!
Maybe books are more your thing, why not learn Thirteen Ways to Smell a Tree, or How to Read Scottish Buildings, or try some Camping Cookbook recipes?
Got little ones with you? We’ve got pocket money toys from 50p, plus a selection of kids Good to be Green books!
Or maybe your camping with us, we have some essentials such as insect spray, sun tan lotion, matches and incense sticks.