Estate and Glen Walks

Estate and Glen Walks

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The Garden and Historical Walk

For those who like historic gardens and are interested in trees and Kelburn’s features of special interest, a short circular walk has been marked out with explanatory signboards placed at appropriate points along the route.

Starting from the signboard above the Centre Buildings, it takes you by the Museum, over Sanham’s Bridge, past the Children’s Garden, the Ice House and on to the Monument. It then leads down the Corkscrew Road, beside the Oak Wood, round to the front of Kelburn Castle and into the Plaisance and other parts of the garden, where many of Kelburn’s most interesting trees and shrubs can be found, before returning back over Sanham’s Bridge. The whole trip is about a quarter of a mile long.


The Countess Walk and Upper Estate Road

Some of the best views at Kelburn can be had from the Countess Walk, which leads uphill on a gentle incline from the front of the Castle to the Estate Road. From there, you can walk on level ground round the Upper Estate Road and either return by one of the glen paths or carry on to the viewpoint and back to the Centre by the path through the Waterside Field.

This is a picturesque two hour walk, full of variety that gives the visitor a good general impression of Kelburn Estate.


The Short Glen Walk (or Sculpture Trail)

The short glen walk is the more gentle, about half a mile long, and takes a leisurely forty minutes. It is recommended for older visitors and families. 

Along the route of the short glen walk is a succession of wooden sculptures in the shape of animals, birds and fish that can be found on Kelburn Estate.

The trail starts with a fox at the viewpoint above the pond overlooking the Castle and ends with a hare on the corner above Sanham’s Bridge.


The Middle Glen Walk (via Three Falls Bridge)

For the Middle Glen Walk, carry on up the South Glen Path (passing the turning to the New Bridge) and cross the burn by the Three Falls Bridge. The path joins the North Glen Path by a grassy plateau of beech trees where seats have been set. From there you can descend to the Centre by way of the New Bridge or carry on down to the Castle past the Monument or leave the Glen altogether by taking the Corkscrew Road into the Gardens.


The Long Glen Walk (via the Bow Brig)

The Long Glen Walk takes you up to the top of the Glen,. Some 150 yards from the top on the South Side is a lovely 30ft waterfall, simply called ‘the cascade’, and at the point where the path meets the Upper Estate Road, there is the Bow Brig which overlooks a series of rocky pools of running water.

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