Our Animals

Our Animals


Alpacas (not Llamas!)

Up until July 2021 only three Alpacas lived at Kelburn:
Dom who is Light Fawn (pictured here)
Hester who is Bay Black
And Stella who is Dark Brown.



On the 5th August 2021 Stella had a surprise arrival who we named Arthur, in honour of our old Alpaca Merlin who passed in 2020.
Baby Alpacas (and Llamas) are called a Cria.
Arthur didn’t have the best start in life, being born premature and in a terrible thunderstorm.
When he was 6 days old, he had to have emergency help from MBM Vets, and the ranger team had to step in and supplement him daily with extra milk feeds.
These feeds were at all times of the day, from 6am every few hours until midnight!
Arthur was a bit of a nightmare sometimes at taking the bottle of milk, but the ranger team managed (with special thanks to Adam, Lucy, Louise, Emily C, Alison, Mo, Sharna and Carol) and in December he was weaned off milk and currently lives with his mum and Hester.
He’ll live with them until he is 9 months old, and then he’ll move fields to be with Dom.


Soay Sheep


Soay are a Scottish breed from the St Kilda archipelago to the far northwest, about 40 miles off North Uist.
In 1930 the 36 remaining inhabitants evacuated from St Kilda and the sheep have lived wild on the island since.



There are three different colours in the Alpaca Field, can you spot them all?
Dougal is the odd one out and is pied.
Gordon, Glen, Graham and Gregor are light phase mouflon colour.
Fergus, Finlay and Fraser are dark phase or “wild” colour.



Our two goats are called Bert and Ernie after the Muppets on Sesame Street!
Bert has a blue collar and Ernie has a yellow collar.
Sometimes you might see them play fighting, they stand up on their back legs and bash their horns together.


Did you know goats have horizontal pupils in their eyes? 
This helps them keep an eye out for danger while they are grazing the grass.




Our two geese are called Amelia and Boris!
Amelia is a girl and lays lots of HUGE eggs between March and June.
The geese can be very noisy, but they are just telling you that it is their field!
See if you can hear them shouting when you visit!





We have lots of different breeds of chickens, such as: Bluebelles, Sussex, Black rocks, Black tails and more!



Did you know male chickens are called Cockerels and female chickens are called Hens?
Cockerels are the ones who cock-a-doodle-do, and the Hens lay eggs!





You will probably hear the ducks before you see them as they communicate with each other through loud quacks.



Our ducks are lots of different sizes, from the large Khaki Campbells to small Call ducks but they all enjoy splashing around in their paddling pools or swimming on the large pond in the furthest field.



Did you know that ducks have a preen gland which secretes oil?
They use this oil to waterproof their feathers!


Franklin arrived at Kelburn on 26th November 2020 (Thanksgiving in America!).
Watch him and see if you can spot his head changing colour from






Also listen out for him gobbling, he’s very noisy!





Yoko the ginger tom cat lives at Kelburn Estate with two of the on-site rangers.
You may see him wandering about near the Information Centre!



Keep an eye on your picnics, he sometimes likes to come and have a sniff!