Sample Day Out



Secret forest – quiz to explore every inch of the forest, plus a sweetie prize from the Treasure Chest in the Gift Shop!

Spend 50p – to feed the greedy Goats; Bert and Ernie, then maybe another 50p to feed the chickens, such as Jane Austen, Paper, Snow and Ghost, Lemon and Kiwi, and even Duck the chicken! A welly walk – out to the roaring waterfall, dodging the puddles and climbing the steps.

Kelburn Animals
Kelburn Court yard


Lunch in the café, or in nice weather bring a picnic and have it underneath the impressive Chestnut Tree in the glen!


Play cops and robbers in the Saloon cowboy play area, including a jail for once you catch the robbers! Cross the river on Sanham’s bridge, and play Poo Sticks on the way to the Walled Garden.

Summer Days Out