A wonderful line up of events for 2019.

Some of our firm favorites are returning along with some new creations which we hope will delight all the family. Pop on your wellies and pack your imagination for a super day out in Kelburn’s stunning woodland setting.

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Wizard of Oz: 24th – 27th May
A magical event awaits those wishing to follow the yellow brick road!  Enjoy the story of Dorothy as she sends you on a quest to find the Wizard of Oz deep in the Emerald forest.  The yellow brick road will lead you through the glen and hopefully you will pick the right path to lead to Dorothy’s friend who can help you find the Emerald City.

This element of your day will be allocated a timeslot and the yellow brick road takes about 30 minute from start to finish.  Kelburn also has beautiful grounds to wander, the waterfall to admire, outdoor play areas to enjoy, the secret forest to explore and wonderful coastal views.

Gruffalo and Pals: 9th – 18th August
Kelburn’s deep dark woods are the perfect setting to bring to life this favourite story.  Enjoy our interpretation while learning about animal habits and making our unique recipe of gruffalo crumble!

The secret forest will be restricted access to those participating in the event and time slots will be selected at time of ticket purchase.  Wider areas of Kelburn including the walled garden, the waterfall walk, the outdoor play areas and glen trails are open 10am – 6pm.

Superheros Return: 7th – 8th September
Superheros return to Kelburn! Bring young superheros to train and help there favourite heroes save the day.  An active day of themed around our superhero friends with a twist of viking warriors. More details to come soon.

Fairy Tale Forest: 21-23rd September
Our magical setting is brought to life with a wonderful fairytale adventure.  This year we are hoping this event may even take a peak inside our historic castle.  More information will be available soon.

Freaky Forest Magic: 12th-20th October 
As autumn falls we will bring a sparkle of magic across Kelburn.  Myths, legends, spells and potions will feature in our themed activities creating a perfect day out to be enjoyed before winter draws in.  More details to come.

Haunted Forest: Evening Event. 25th, 26th,27th and 31st October and 1st, 2nd November
Only for the brave! Experience Kelburn’s Haunted Forest if you dare…… as the daylight fades the creatures of the night will be lurking awaiting your footsteps on the path……..will you be there? More details to come and tickets to be released in September.

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