Meet our Animals

Next time you come to Kelburn, be sure to say hello to our wonderful animals. Find them by the Ranger Centre.

We have a selection of chickens ranging in ages, from just a few months old to 4 years old. We have three male Silkies, called Paper, Snow, and Ghost, who were previously living in Glasgow but became too noisy for their neighbours! The rest of the chickens are girls, and their names are Jane Austen, Pandora, Iris, Lara Croft and Serana.

We have a small flock of ducks, named Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, Bill, and Ben. Plus, two geese who think they are goats and now sleep in the shed with the actual goats,  Bert and Ernie.

We’re not sure if Bert and Ernie are the greediest goats ever, but those two will always try and snatch the food bag from our Ranger’s hands and would munch the whole lot if they could!

Over in the Alpaca Field, we have our three alpacas: Dom, Hester and Stella. Stella and Hester have just arrived at Kelburn, coming here from Oxford.

And finally, we have 8 male Soay Sheep, a hardy Scottish breed, called Dougal, Finlay, Fergus, Fraser, Graham, Glen, Gordon and Gregor.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for  our feline mascot – Yoko, who is often hanging about the Ticket Office! You can follow his adventures on Instagram, at @KelburnCat.