Autumn means its mushroom season!

Did you know that the mushrooms you see above ground are only the fruiting body and the actual organism – the fungal mycelium – grows under the ground?

Have you spotted any red and white Fly Agaric or black and white Candlesnuff fungus?


Autumn also means its time for the leaves to change colour.

Most deciduous trees have started already, with the Horse Chestnuts being one of the first to change.

The Soay sheep are regrowing their woolly winter coats now!

They’ve also been joined by a new friend: Fingal!

He takes their flock to 9 sheep, and he is the 4th ‘chocolate-coloured’ sheep in the flock, therefore his name of Fingal matches with Fraser, Finlay and Fergus!

The maintenance ranger team have been busy replacing lots of fencing around the estate.

Kelburn Estate is 3,500 acres, so there’s a lot of fencing lining the trails, sheep fields and more! Once we get a dry day all the fencing will be woodstained to keep it looking fresh.

Just in time for Halloween!

Some of the live-in ranger team’s personal collection is out on display for the children’s event – the Monster’s Ball. Can you work out which animal each skull has come from?