As Autumn shifts into Winter the last of the trees lose their leaves.

The beginning of November was the best time to see the lone acer tree by the Pond come into its full autumnal glory.

The maintenance ranger team have been working on the ‘Mirror People’ sculpture installation by artist Rob Mulholland.

The two sculptures are coming in for the winter to get a polish and clean, ready to go back out next season.

Can you spot Alan, safely tied on, working on the Deer Lady?

A winter visit, this Redwing (Turdus iliacus) was found by the ranger team.

This Redwing was spotted lying stunned on the ground next to one of the carparks. The team popped it in a covered box to rest, after a couple of hours it was feisty enough to be released.

Badger is looking his best!

The ranger team helped dress the animal sculptures in the Secret Forest in thier Christmas best, just in time for the A Very Kelburn Christmas event!

The Gunnera at the pond has now been cut back by the head gardener.

The huge leaves and stems are left in place to rot down as this gives protection to the new shoots that will emerge in the spring.