The “painting weather” didn’t last long!

One of the main jobs for the ranger team in March is painting everything before we reopen fully in April, the dry and sunny weather helps a lot with how much we can actually get painted!

Coeur Sauvage held their first foraging course of the year!

The ranger team got to try a bit of this Wild Garlic Focaccia, a foraging course is a great way to increase your knowledge of local plants.

The team have been hard at work in the Secret Forest!

From rebuilding fences, painting steps, decorating for a family event, raking paths and pruning bushes its all been happening in the Secret Forest!

Namaste warm!

One of the ranger team helped out by lighting a warming campfire at a yoga retreat held onsite, along with yoga the brave retreaters also had a dip in the Waterfall pool!

The Castle camellias are out again!

We’ve already had visitors asking in the Information Centre about these wonderful flowers near the castle, did you know there are over 200 species of camellia?