Spring is on the way!

The first flowers of winter are nearly over and the beginning signs of spring have been appearing – move over Snowdrops, its the time of the Crocus, Wild Garlic and Daffodil!

Another day, another bridge.

Kelburn Bridge which crosses the Waterfall has been completely rebuilt, it sits on two iron girders which were taken up the Glen via a trolley system by the estate maintenance rangers.

No Christmas Tree wasted!

We have a great recycling system for old Christmas Trees – called the goats, sheep and alapacas. Every needle is nibbled off and even the bark is eaten!

Lights in the sky!

In an amazing display the Northern Lights could be seen to the north of the estate at the weekend!


The maintenance ranger team were alerted to a tree which had fell in high winds, and then slipped down the hillside and taken out part of the path. The tree was cleared away and a sleepers used to hold back the extra dirt from covering the path.