A rare visitor!

Resident rangers Carol and Adam have been living at Kelburn Estate since 2015 and this is only the 2nd time they’ve spotted a House Sparrow in their garden!

The Estate has plenty of Blue Tits, Blackbirds, Nuthatches and Robins but Sparrows are a rarity, in the past few years Collared Doves have also arrived to breed on the Estate.

Fairy tale Fly Agarics are out for Autumn


Did you know in the Victorian and Edwardian eras Fly Agarics featured on Christmas Cards?

The red and white colour is even linked to Santa Claus!

Pumpkin carving was a big hit!

And not just with children, this Grey Squirrel was tucking into some pumpkin seeds left over after the event!

A beautiful new path!

Rangers Alan and Adrian were hard at work reinstating a path that links the car parks, viewpoint and visitor centre.

The posts have been lined with rope and a baseboard to stop the gravel being washed away.

A toilet visitor!

This Angle Shades moth was rescued from the ladies loo!

Did you know Angle Shades caterpillars can be bright green, pale brown and even slightly yellow and orange?