Meet Carol and Adam, two of our Rangers…

Carol and Adam have been friends since Primary school. They both attended Barony College, Dumfries (now part of Scotland’s Rural College) and completed a HND in Animal Care.

They then moved onto the University of the West of Scotland where they studied for a Bsc in Applied Bio Science and Zoology. They enjoy hill walking, bird watching, camping and generally just being outside!

How did you become a ranger?

We both applied for the 6 month volunteer position in 2015, and were invited to stay!

Why Kelburn?

It’s away from the towns, and close to the forest and the beach! We visited as kids together, and loved it.

Talk us through a ‘normal day’ at Kelburn…

Every single day is different! We feed the animals, including the alpacas and Guinea pigs, chickens and goats. We perform safety checks for the children’s play areas every morning. We run general maintenance across the grounds and also look after the camping areas. We cut fire wood, teach survival skills and even run tours in the castle sometimes. This week, we’ve been running the Dinosaur walks and digs! We’ve also been building sheds and trimming grass.

What are the challenges of the job?

Being outside when it’s wet and cold!

And the best things about the job?

Working in a great team! Getting to experience Kelburn throughout the year – in all the different seasons. And meeting the public and their dogs!

Best thing you’ve ever done at Kelburn?

We love being a part of the Halloween Haunted Forest. The event attracts a lot of people and the atmosphere is great. It’s the last event we do before Christmas and it’s just so much fun!